About Us

The Office of Leadership Development is a department on Temple’s Main Campus that develops future authentic leaders through various programming. O.L.D. [Pronounced: oh-el-dee] strives to offer the best and unique opportunities for all Temple students and for its student staff members who work hard alongside professional staff members. O.L.D. aims to cultivate authentic leaders who live their truth and understand that leadership is a process, not simply a position.


Our Culture Code:

The Office of Leadership Development’s Employees all follow a Culture Code:

  • We are most productive when we are intentional with our time & effort.

  • We strive to maintain a standard of excellence.

  • We value character over skill and progress over perfection.

  • We recognize accountability is necessary for success.

  • We trust the process and embrace new learning experiences.

  • We understand respect is the requirement, but appreciation is the expectation.


Mission and Vision


For all students to embark confidently on the journey of self-discovery through authentic leadership.


To create a campus-wide understanding of leadership and serve as the hub for leadership education and resources.


Leadership Defined

Leadership is a process, not a position.

The O.L.D. defines leadership as the ever-evolving process of understanding yourself, understanding others and cultivating positive change. 


Our Motto

Lead Authentically.

Our office's initiatives are rooted in the belief that each individual brings unique strengths, perspectives, and skills to a space, and we encourage students to use these talents to cultivate positive change as leaders.

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