For-Credit Opportunities

The Office of Leadership Development understands that one’s education and development is most transformational when in and out of classroom learning is intricately linked. Therefore, the office works to both create and instruct leadership courses and build connections amongst the various Schools, Colleges, and faculty that offer existing leadership-related content.

Leadership Minor

The Department of Strategic Communication offers a minor in leadership to provide students with the theoretical background, historical contexts, and core competencies needed to become effective leaders and team members in a variety of fields and professions.

The Leadership Minor consists of six courses (18 s.h.) to provide students in other programs at Temple University the opportunity to better prepare them for life after graduation by gaining the knowledge and skill sets required to communicate effectively and lead at the organizational, team, and individual levels. It is an ideal pairing with any Temple major and can serve as a "selling point" to future employers and graduate schools.

In particular, this program will enable students to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform in the following areas:

  • Understanding of high performance teams
  • Discovery of  potential and personal values, passions, and vision
  • Competency in communication skills
  • Ability to effectively work with a diverse group of individuals and in diverse contexts
  • Understanding of organizational systems and implementing change

Leadership is a communication and relational process, not a position. Leadership requires responsible, thoughtful reflection and action from all levels of society. This approach requires competencies in self-awareness, team skills, ethical decision-making, as well as the ability to generate a vision and lead with, through, and for others to bring about positive change.

Course Requirements for the Leadership Minor
CourseCourse NameHours
STRC 1111Public Speaking3
STRC 1112Communicating Leadership3
STRC 2661Introduction to Organizational Communication3
STRC 2672 or 2696Global Communication or Diverse Communication and3
STRC 2662Leading Groups and Team Building3
STRC 4879 or 4670Collaborative Advocacy or Special Topics In Organizational Leadership3
 Total credits required for the minor in Leadership18

If you are interested adding a minor in Leadership, contact an advisor in the SMC Advising Center. Please note, the Leadership minor is not available to StratComm majors.