Diamond Leadership Program

Program Overview

The Diamond Leadership Program (“DLP”) at Temple University is an opportunity for students to grow as leaders. The department offers over 100 hours of leadership training each semester through workshops, conferences and special events designed to help students find purpose, set goals, take action and get results. Our activities primarily take place Tuesday through Thursday afternoons and evenings, and one Saturday each month. Our full event calendar is listed on the main page of our website and on OwlConnect.

The “DLP” is comprised of four levels. The program is designed for students to move through each level at their own pace. Students earn hours by attending events. The hours are tracked through the OwlConnect website where students can view at any time.

The program is open to any student currently enrolled at Temple University. Students can register for any level but must meet with the Program Director to apply for the Diamond Level. Please note that you must be a transfer student and have a minimum of 15 hours to apply for the Diamond Level.


Leadership Levels

The four levels are:

  • Emerging Level -- this level is focused on a basic understanding of leadership development

  • Cherry Level -- is focused on developing self-awareness.

  • White Level -- this level is focused on group dynamics and building teams.

  • Diamond Level -- this level is for elite students who have a high level of self-awareness and practical experience leading groups and teams in making positive change in the community.

How do I earn hours? Where can I check my hours?

Leadership hours are assigned to each event the department hosts. Workshops are one hour in length while conferences are 4-6 hours. Attendance is taken at these events, and each student’s profile is be updated with leadership hours accumulated on OwlConnect.

The time commitment for the program varies based on the student. Each student can choose to earn hours and move through each level at their pace. Since we are not a student organization, student involvement is based on the student’s commitment to attending programming and participating in various opportunities on campus.

If you are interested in seeing your total number of hours, visit the OwlConnect website. Navigate to the DLP organization. Click on the "Service Hours" tab and then select custom dates. The total number of hours will appear below and a listing of all the events we have a record of your attendance. 

How do I join?

  1. Register here for the 2018-19 year: http://goo.gl/forms/LvGt4kw087

  2. Join our OwlConnect group here: https://temple.collegiatelink.net/organization/TULeadership

Have questions about joining? Email the Office of Leadership Development at lead@temple.edu