The New OLD

OLD (ooh-el-dee), not old (ooh-ld)

In 2019, the Office of Leadership Development experienced an office re-brand, which resulted in the adoption of a new framework, the Authentic Leadership theoretical approach, and new programmatic offerings.


Mission and Vision


For all students to embark confidently on the journey of self-discovery through authentic leadership.


To create a campus-wide understanding of leadership and serve as the hub for leadership education and resources.


Leadership Defined

Leadership is a process, not a position.

The O.L.D. defines leadership as the ever-evolving process of understanding yourself, understanding others and cultivating positive change. 


Our Motto

Lead Authentically.

Our office's initiatives are rooted in the belief that each individual brings unique strengths, perspectives, and skills to a space, and we encourage students to use these talents to cultivate positive change as leaders.


Our Logo