O.L.D. Social Justice Open Letter

Dear Students,

“It is safe to say that life as we know it has changed forever. But, in the words of the late Martin Luther King Jr., “Our life ends the day we become silent about things that matter.”

The Office of Leadership Development (OLD) recognized that mere compassion is not enough. In an effort to do our part, OLD is committed to executing the following strategic priorities to ensure that anti-blackness, racial inequality, advocacy, activism – and most importantly – inclusive leadership are more than a “hashtag” within the Temple community. Some of those priorities include:

  • Working alongside Temple Student Government to develop a community rebuild project for local businesses and communities impacted by the pandemic and recent vandalism amplifying student voices and supporting student-led initiatives. Follow TSG on social media for more details.
  • Establishing the Leadership Fellows program in conjunction with the College of Liberal Arts to provide resource, connection and course credit in support of students passionate about advocacy and activism within the Philadelphia community. 
  • Maintaining collaboration with IDEAL, and social advocacy and activist community leaders and organizations to provide tools, resources and opportunities for Temple students - please visit http://tuleadlab.com for access. Interested in having or learning more about critical conversations surrounding anti-blackness, inequity, inequality and injustice? Learn more about the Inclusive Leadership Conference.
  • Continue to utilize strategic partnerships within programming to highlight local black history, talent and services. Click here to access Philly’s Black-Owned Business Directory. Some programs include:
    • HerStory – arts showcase celebrating the cultural and social contribution of the black women (featuring black student organizations, black Philly artists, local performance groups and organizations) – with a special tribute to Breonna Taylor
    • MLK Day of Service – a bus tour exposing Temple students to the historical and artistic history of the Civil Rights Movement and black culture within the City of Brotherly Love 

In summary: We hear you. We see you. We stand WITH you. We stand FOR you. Stay safe and stay activated. And rest assured, your OLD family will continue to push the movement forward.

Should students have additional suggestions and/or would like to contribute to our efforts, please contact lead@temple.edu and a team member will get you connected.


The Office of Leadership Development