Programs and Events

The Office of Leadership Development welcomes any currently enrolled Temple University student to participate in events hosted by the department. 

Certification Programs

Themed programming designed to enhance student's leadership skills, certification programs will be offered on a semester-by-semester basis.

Organizational Leadership: Offered within Student Activities’ STARs Program for students who wish to pursue leadership roles within an organization or enhance their organizational leadership skills.

Leadership Education

LeaderShops: Leadership workshops for members of the Temple community who want to continuously enhance their leadership ability offered weekly.

Peer Mentor Development (UNVS3002): A variable credit peer facilitation course dedicated to educating students on leadership education, curriculum design and workshop facilitation. Registration for FA19 is open now


Conference Sponsorship: A funding opportunity for students who wish to further their leadership education by attending local, regional and national conferences. 

Community Programming

Life Hacks for Adulting: Monthly programming featuring an active and personalized approach to teaching students life skills.

Project SERVE: A Martin Luther King Jr. Day initiative designed to engage students of varying backgrounds about the significance of servant leadership.

Experiential Learning

BOLD Retreat: A weekend retreat for newly elected officers of student organizations that teaches leadership competencies such as setting organizational standards, conflict resolution, goal-setting, etc. 


Assessment: An assessment tool provides the knowledge and vocabulary to describe an individual's strengths and the areas in which they excel. Through this exploration, students can be intentional in investing in their strengths, expanding their curiosities, and putting this newfound knowledge to use to better themselves and the world around them.

Consultations: One-on-one trainings for faculty, staff and students who wish to gain a better understanding of their Strengthsfinder assessment results and next-steps.

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