Inclusive Leadership Conference

The Office of Leadership Development,  in coordination with Temple University’s Office of Institutional Diversity (IDEAL), Equity, Advocacy, & Leadership, and Student Activities, is proud to announce the 2022 Inclusive Leadership Conference (ILC).



ILC will be held in-person this year on February 7-11, 2022 at the Howard Gittis Student Center (HGSC) and Morgan Hall on Main Campus. 

In a whirl of cancel-culture, hypersensitivity, isolation, media overexposure and content overload, college students are receiving hundreds of messages about WHO and WHAT to be every single day. This year's theme: “I’M ____ & I’M PROUD” encourages staff & students alike to live and lead BOLDLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY in their truth!


ILC is the largest collegiate conference in the Greater Philadelphia area getting students activated in the quest to create spaces that: 

Celebrate DIVERSITY: recognizing & appreciating the inherent value of differences

Cultivate UNITY: collaborating in effort and resource to support equity, equality and justice for all

Captivate AUTHENTICITY:  encouraging healthy discourse and empowering students to live and lead in truth

Culminate INCLUSIVITY: fostering a sense of belonging and allowing all members of our community to be seen, felt, and heard


#ILC2022 Schedule At-a-Glance:



12-2 PM, Temple Health Program Showcase

  • Featuring: Office of Health, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Location: Streaming only via Zoom
  • The recent demands on health professions have brought an unprecedented need for accessible and inclusive healthcare. Join Dr. Abiona Berkeley, Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Director of OHEDI, for a discussion on the current programs committed to diversity in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine. 



12 PM, ILC 2022 Welcome Kickoff

  • Featuring: Tania Irwin
  • Location: Streaming Only - 
  • Join Office of Leadership Development Program Director, Tania L. Irwin, for the official introduction to the 13th Annual Inclusive Leadership Conference. Tania will provide insight into this year’s theme as we kick off our #ILC2022 conference week! 


3-5 PM, Strengths Mixer 

  • Enjoy casual conversations with others about your Top 5 and how to utilize them to be successful. Students should have already taken the StrengthsFinder assessment before attending.



10-11 AM, Inclusive Leadership in Unprecedented Times

  • Featuring: Greg DeShields
  • Location: Morgan D301


12-1 PM, Exploring Religion, Spirituality, Sexuality & Gender Identity

  • Featuring: Paolo Lee 
  • Location: Morgan D301
  • Moderated by Jackson Burke, President of Temple University’s Students for Trans Awareness and Rights (STAR),  ILC 2022 is honored to welcome Klein College alum, Paolo Lee. Come chat with Jackson and Paolo as they guide us through an open conversation surrounding the intersections of identity, religion, and culture as it relates to LGBTQIA+ communities. 


7-9 PM, ILC Event

  • Featuring: MCPB 
  • Location: HGSC Room 217 
  • Haven’t found your ___ yet? Well, come hang with us as we celebrate our authenticity and pride as part of #ILC2022. 



10-11 AM, Boldly Quiet: Leadership for Introverts

    • Featuring: Lorraine McCamley

    • Morgan Hall, D301

    • "My coaching practice is focused on helping high potential, talented leaders--who also happen to be quiet, internally motivated and energized thinkers--understand, celebrate and optimize their strengths so they can be successful leaders of others while being authentic and true to themselves."


    12-1 PM, Empowering Cuts: A Philly L.O.V.E. Story

    • Featuring: Joshua Santiago 
    • Location: HGSC 200
    • In 2017, Joshua founded a non-profit organization called Empower Cuts, making it his mission to travel the country grooming services to the homeless, military veterans, children and families experiecing financial hardships. His ultimate goal is to collaborate alongside reputable organizations and offer his services while continuing to bring awareness to homelessness.


    7-9 PM, KEYNOTE: Ain't I a Woman

    • Featuring Angela Rye
    • Location: HGSC Room 200 
    • CEO of Impact Strategies the role that authentic leadership and acceptance have in rebuilding communities. We noticed that you recently posted on social media about the impact of racial burnout on Black women. We ask that you use this time as a platform to continue this conversation with our attendees and emphasize the importance of storytelling. 


    FRIDAY - FEB 11 

    10-11 AM, Culture Shifts: Identity After College

    • Featuring: Temple's Young Alumni
    • Location: Morgan D301
    • Join recent Temple University alumni for an open conversation on life after college. If you are feeling uncertain about post-graduate plans or just want some honest advice on life, then don’t miss this session!


    12-1 PM, The Pursuit of Happiness

    • Featuring: Dr. Will Anyu & Martin R. Boyd Jr.
    • Location: Morgan D301
    • Learn the stories of two successful individuals who have explored their strengths and passions in unique ways.


    7-8:30 PM, KEYNOTE: Say It LOUD

    • Featuring: Bretman Rock
    • Location: Streaming in HGSC Room 200
    • Bretman Rock Sacayanan is a Filipino-American beauty influencer and social media personality based in Honolulu, Hawai'i. He rose to fame as a creator on YouTube and Vine after one of his videos went viral in 2015. Bretman is an LGBTQIA+ advocate who encourages everyone to live their authentic truth while being "da baddest".


    9-11 PM, ILC Night Owl & Closing Ceremony

    • Location: HGSC Room 217
    • In collaboration with MCPB, join us as we celebrate the conclusion of the 13th Annual Inclusive Leadership Conference! #ILC2022



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