Inclusive Leadership Conference

The Office of Leadership Development,  in coordination with Temple University’s Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy, & Leadership, and Klein College of Media & Communicationis proud to announce the 2021 Inclusive Leadership Conference (ILC).

ILC will be held virtually this year on February 4-6, 2021 through the Socio Virtual Event Platform. 

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This year's theme is MORE THAN A HASHTAG, which embodies the individual need to socially activate beyond the screen. MORE THAN A HASHTAG pays homage to those who have become hashtags but require real, systemic justice. 


Through the pillars of ILC 2021, we intend to:

  • Encourage the discourse of difficult conversations surrounding social justice issues.
  • Engage with students, staff, and faculty in the Greater Philadelphia Region, while expressing the importance of supportive and inclusive leadership for the community through educational programming.
  • Communicate the commitment that both the Office of Leadership Development and campus partners have made in fostering an inclusive environment for all.


This year's conference speakers and sessions include:


Thursday, February 4th

  • 12:00 PM, Kickoff Event

  • 12:30 PM, Feature Speaker Dr. Tierney Bates, More Than a Hashtag, Advocacy and Activism in the New Generation-We have been in two Pandemics, or "Twindemics," and it is time for GENERATION NOW to stand up and take the future of our communities, colleges, and nation by the bullhorn. The new normal means new innovation, creativity, courage, and change in advocacy and activism from a lens of inclusion. We must recognize that youth have always changed history!!!

  • 1:45 PM, Travis Smith, All Talk No Action- Seeking to create a space where allyship will be discussed as a performative action, this presentation will foster critical dialogue on moving from ally to coconspirator. We will discuss how allyship is rooted in interest convergence and performative actions while challenging everyone to move beyond selfish intent to anti-oppression work and action. 

  • 3:00 PM, Alex Gurley, SOS I've Been Microagressed- We all have some level of bias within us but it is how we relay them to others that determines our calutural maturity. We can naturally resort to defensive language and behavior when found in these instances. This session will debunk myths behind bias and cover techniques for responding to it. 

  • 7:00 PM, Keynote Speaker, Emmanuel Acho, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man-This past year we have witnessed horrific displays of leadership, violence, equity and most importantly justice. And as we continue to reflect [and process] we encourage others to seek diverse perspectives and engage in healthy dialogue. Join us as Temple’s student leaders have an in-depth conversation with a black man – featuring NYT Bestselling Author, Fox Sports analyst, and former NFL linebacker, Emmanuel Acho, and TSG President Quinn Litsinger.

  • 5:30 PM, Erica Wexler, #SpeakUp! Appropriately Raising a Stick Issue or Idea- No matter where you are in your career stage (or on the organizational chart) you can make your influence felt to address stick issues that impact people. This can be challenging when you don't have the formal authority with the people you need to influence. During this session, you'll gain stategies to appropriately and effectively raise a challenge, issue, or idea to influence positive and necessary cultural change. 

  • 4:15 PM, Kourtney Thompson & Sariyah Andrews, Social Justice Elitism: Meet Me Where I Am- This session is centered around the issue of targeted discrimination among those interested in social justice vs. those who have been directly effected by it.

Friday, February 5th

  • 12:00 PM, Involvement Panel-The goal of the Involvement Panel and Fair is to bridge the gap between being a college student and getting involved with organizations that serve the Philadelphia community in a racial and social justice capacity. During this panel conversation, we will explore how local organizations were impacted by a year of brutality, inequity and division within our nation - and how they took action in times of adversity. Attendees will also have the chance to ask questions and visit each of the representatives in breakout rooms for more information on how to get involved beyond the classroom. Panelists include:

    • Nu'Rodney Prad - President of the Board of Directors, The Mazzoni Center"
    • Ciara Pierce - President, National Black MBA Association, Philadelphia Chapter
    • Jason Mitchell - President of NExT Philadelphia, The Young Professionals Affinity Group of the Urban League of Philadelphia
    • Adrianna Torres-García - Program Coordinator, Free Migration Project
    •  Jazmyn Curry - Third Vice President, Beta Delta Zeta Chapter
  • 1:45 PM, Grisell Perez-Carey, Systems at Play- Systems thinking allows us to analyze systems to redue complexity, understand interconnections, and anticipate outcomes. During this session, participants will explore their advocacy and activism utilizing systems thinking.

  • 3:00 PM, Feature Speaker, Chuck Aoki, Finding Control: Adapting to the Unknown- Chuck is an athlete, an avid reader, an aspiring teacher, and finally, a person born with a rare genetic disorder called Hereditary Sensory Autonomic Neuropathy (HSAN) Type II,  resulting in the use of a wheelchair. He eventually found an outlet in wheelchair sports, which ultimately led him to the Paralympics. Life can be full of unknowns, and it’s all about how you manage, compensate and adjust to these challenges. 

  • 4:15 PM, Martin Tease, Inclusion and Safe Zone- This session explores the bias with regard ti multicultural diversity and LGBTQIA+ discourse through language and understanding perspective.

  • 5:30 PM, Maurisa Li-A-Ping, Radical Truth Telling- Various historical events have been and continue to be inaccurately documented and/or explicitly erased. As activists, it is our duty to bring light to the truth. This activism workshop will reclaim erasure as a truth-telling tool to counter narratives that have been imposed upon folks at the margins. This space is for participants looking to use poetry to actualize radical truth-telling as a form of resistance and activism. 

Saturday, February 6th

  • 11:00 AM, Alyssa Bigbee, Nonverbal Bias: A Dance Therapist's Guide to Raising Awareness- As both victim and perpetrator of nonverbal bias, this presentation will explore body language, how it communicates with others, and how nonverbal bias impacts organizations and communities. Participants will learn ways to combat nonverbal bias and be encouraged to create dialogue with their peers.

  • 12:15PM, Sierra McNeil and Quianna Daniels Smart, Performative Allyship: When Sharing Social Media Posts Aren't Enough- This presentation will provide guidelines to professionals and students on how to navigate uncomfortable conversations both personally and profesionally. Learn how to initiatve meaningul conversations that will lead to educating those of privilege about the racial injustices and institutionalized racism of various marginalized populations. 

  • 1:30 PM, Feature Speaker, Monae Roberts, Embodied Truth: Closing the Gap Between Aspiration & Liberated Living-A conversation about what keeps us from acting on our principles. So often who we aspire to be is not quite who we are. How do we move towards aligning with social justice in order to live a more liberated lifestyle? How do we embody the truths we declare so strongly on social media?

  • 2:30 PM, Closing Remarks