Lead Ambassadors

Lead Ambassadors serve as student workshop facilitators for our office.

Check out our Lead Ambassador recruitment video!

This team of students are trained by our leadership experts to host their own LeaderShops and facilitate workshop requests.

Lead Ambassador recruitment will run from November 16th - 27th, 2020


Will Lead Ambassadors be trained?

Yes! Lead Ambassadors are hired annually in the Spring semester, selected applicants spend 5-7 weeks in training with our leadership education team. Following successful completion, Lead Ambassadors begin hosting workshops the following Fall semester.

Can any major apply to be a Lead Ambassador?

Yes, we encourage all students to apply!

Why should I become a Lead Ambassador?

Through the Lead Ambassador program, students have an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning on how to facilitate workshops and work collaboratively on a team, while also gaining knowledge of leadership education concepts.

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