What We Do

Purpose of Our Programming

Our office believes that continued learning and partnership with the community is necessary to make each student the most effective leader possible. Learning, growing and leading with the Office of Leadership Development allows students to: find purpose, set goals, take action, and get results.

While other leadership programs focus on formal leadership roles within a group or team, our office focuses on the individual as a leader. We work to help students identify how they lead in student organizations, classroom settings, business and community organizations.

One Office, Three Initiatives

Our office aims to develop the leadership skills of the Temple community through programming, seminars, conferences and partnerships. We do so through our three initiatives, which are: Leadership Workshops, Campus Connections, and the LeaderShape Institute.

Leadership Workshops

Our Leadership Workshops provide opportunities for students to develop as leaders and emerging professionals through educational programming. A weekly schedule of our workshops can be found on our Office's OwlConnect page.

Campus Connections 

We provide customized training and programs for students through their academic programs or campus units. For example, we partner with the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Mangement to provide StrengthsQuest Training to all junior interns prior to working at their internship site.
If you are a Temple University administrator or faculty member, please contact Tania Irwin, Program Director for Leadership Development, regarding ways the office can support your academic course curriculum. Support can include in-class presentations about leadership and professional development, and extra credit or alternative assignment opportunities through programs sponsored by our office.
Click here for the Workshop Submission Form. 

The DLP is a multi-tiered leadership initiative designed for continual engagement in leadership development. Each tier focuses on an important element of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and incorporates the Five Leadership Challenge principles.

LeaderShape Institute at Temple University 

The LeaderShape Institute is an intensive, energizing, and unique six-day experience that involves self-discovery and learning from practical experiences that build leadership capacities. It is intense fun in a relaxed learning environment. Through this experience Temple students begin to see that leadership is a process – one that LeaderShape defines as a commitment to leading with integrity that results in extraordinary change by living in a state of possibility. 

LeaderShape registration begins in January and the LeaderShape Institute takes place in May, after the end of the academic year. 

Want to know what to expect at LeaderShape? Find out here- http://studentleadership.temple.edu/content/what-expect